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ʺMyrna, you told me that you wanted more professional challenges. I’ve got something for you! Here’s a project that I’d like you to manage.“ Project management? That’s not what you’re used to doing! Not to mention that – more often than not – such responsibilities don’t come with all the essential information from the start.

Usually, we’ll start working with partial information, just to prove that we’re up to the job. Going back to your boss to ask more questions would show that you didn’t understand everything the first time around, right? Besides, they’re so busy! Actually, no. In a project, some essential questions need to be asked, from the very beginning, so that every angle is covered.

You’ll save a lot of time and effort – for yourself, for your colleagues and for your boss too – if you make sure to clarify the different project elements from the get-go.


  • As soon as you’re given a project to manage, to make sure to have a clear mandate and a clear vision as to what needs to be done.


  • Start by completing the project sheet with the information you have.
  • Even if everything seems clear and complete, go back to the person who gave you the project to validate your understanding of what’s at stake.
  • You can also enhance the project sheet by working with your project team, in a collaborative way, during the project launch. This will actually boost team commitment. For this, refer to How to Launch a Project in an Engaging Way.


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Sylvie Beausoleil

Coach professionnelle, Sylvie compte 25 ans d’expérience en rôle-conseil et à titre de gestionnaire dans le domaine des arts, de la culture et de la production d’événements. Détentrice d’une maîtrise en gestion de projet, elle se spécialise en développement stratégique et organisationnel des approches en projet. Collaborer avec Sylvie, c’est…

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