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Several studies demonstrate that there is a relationship between the level of engagement of individuals and the success of a company. It makes sense, doesn’t it? The more employees are committed to common goals and enthusiastic about their work, the better their performance will be.


That said, the sources of motivation and engagement are different for everyone and often fluctuate. It therefore requires the manager to continually listen to and be attentive to the behaviours of their team members. And, while the manager puts a great deal of effort into making everyone feel good at work and give the best of themselves, sometimes it doesn’t take much to affect their engagement level. But, if the base is strong and stable, a gesture or a word won’t trigger demotivation. In fact, everyone does their own math: they add and subtract events, and re-evaluate their engagement level at any time. This is called the psychological contract.


Consequently, as a manager, you have a role to play in preserving this psychological contract. But you don’t have to be a magician or read people’s minds. You just have to act on 3 of the basic needs of every human being: the needs of social affiliation, autonomy and skill development.


With this guide, you will be able to take a look at the different practices required to engage your team members in addition to getting their feedback.



  • You are aware of the importance of engagement and wish to develop further on the subject in relation to your function.
  • You feel that the engagement of one or more members of your team seems to be on the decline.


  • Fill out the suggested self-assessment.
  • Take stock of your good practices and what you would like to develop.
  • Continue the exercise by getting feedback from your team to improve your practices.


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