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The meeting had just started, and Caroline could already feel, in front of her screen, that it wouldn’t be easy. Colleagues in the office were chatting over coffee, while those at home were waiting for the meeting to start. The sound wasn’t up to par, people joining in remotely couldn’t hear those in the room and had trouble participating spontaneously in the discussion. When it came time to do a brainstorming activity on the board, the camera was not well placed, and the remote participants couldn’t see the post-its clearly. After a few minutes, it was decided that everyone would use their computers to do the planned activity online using a platform they were all familiar with. This was their first hybrid meeting. Not quite a success.


Hybrid meetings are far from easy or ideal. Since a hybrid meeting certainly requires more effort than a fully remote or 100% face-to-face meeting, here’s a guide full of tips and suggestions to help you.


  • As soon as you consider holding hybrid meetings.
  • Don’t wait until it becomes an issue for the team.


  • By identifying what you are already doing well, discovering ideas on how to have an enjoyable hybrid meeting, and taking ownership of these ideas to take action as a team.


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