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The color of little owl feathers is changing. Alaskan salmon are migrating earlier. Coral reefs are acclimating. Monarchs are migrating later. The shell color of city snails is changing. Even New York City mice have taken to eating fast food. Yes, everyone is changing, everyone is adapting.


In order to become more flexible while maintaining focus and staying organized, it’s best to arm yourself with tricks to be more agile and to be able to adapt to what our world throws at us and to all sorts of unexpected situations. The more agile the team is, the more it learns and innovates.


But how can we improve as a team to become more agile? What are the behaviours that should be advocated? This exercise, to be completed as a team, will first help you take stock of what you already do well and then target actions to prioritize to boost your agility.


  • Are you going through a period of change that requires a high degree of adaptability?
  • Have you noticed that your team would benefit from being more flexible and agile and you would like to develop your skills to achieve this?
  • Have you realized that it is more difficult than usual to adapt to new changes?


  • By discovering, as a team, the 12 essential skills to develop so that your team is as flexible as a rubber band and can adapt to all kinds of situations without breaking.
  • By linking these skills to your reality.
  • By creating a motivating and powerful team challenge.


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