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Experiences and events leave a mark on our lives, whether it be important risks you have taken, turning points in your personal or professional life, your proudest moments or those where you have felt most destabilized. Although often difficult, these moments are the foundation of our development and those who are open to grow see in these events incredible sources of learning.

When we feel destabilized—that is to say, when we are unable to integrate new information or a new experience in our current reality and are forced to develop a new frame of reference—well, we learn at great speed. Our scope of action expands and our ability to adapt quickly—our agility—develops. Learning with agility is, first and foremost, choosing to lead one’s own development. Is this not inviting?

Good news! There is no need to look very far to develop a new skill, nor do you need to wait on some training course… It is likely that the mandates within your reach have all the potential to be sufficient sources of discomfort to sustain your professional development, on the condition that you choose to learn from these experiences. This tool will help you kick-off your destabilization plan and inspire you to learn with agility.


  • As soon as you decide to get behind the wheel and own your development.
  • When you wish to accelerate your development through your current mandates, and sustain a superior performance over time.
  • During an important transition in your career: integration into a new position, a new organization, at the start of an important project…
  • When everything seems to be accelerating, becoming more complex and ambiguous, and you want to pause and take stock of your development.


  • Using this destabilization plan, « Take Stock » of your professional development, by first bringing to mind the most pivotal moments and what you learned from these events.
  • Then, answer the questions in the « Kickstart» section to identify how you will use discomfort to learn with agility.


  • You like this tool? You want to go further? Contact the author to access the full destabilization plan and self-coaching approach.
  • To learn with agility, ask for feedback from different people around you to verify your assumptions. The tool How to Ask for and Receive Feedback can help you with this.
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Julie Gouin

Entrepreneure dynamique. Visionnaire vive d’esprit. Je suis une passionnée d’apprentissage et des affaires. J'accompagne des dirigeant/es et des équipes depuis plus de 20 ans. Comme gestionnaire RH, j'ai mené des mandats stratégiques d’envergure, dans des contextes ambigus, exigeants et en période de croissance rapide, autant dans les secteurs manufacturiers que…

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